The Gambia registers significant strides on the MDGs

The Gambia, one of the 20 most progressive countries in the world has registered a favourable balance on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) scale.


Speaking at the 9th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Deputy Director of policy at the UN Millennium Campaign, Gambian-born, Sering Falu Njie said, “the world has the technical know-how to achieve the MDGs”.   Njie said it does not take much to reduce hunger and achieve universal primary education.

The assembly themed “Committing Youth Leadership to the MDGs” was attended by 600 young people from 40 countries across the world. Njie said the political commitment is essential to youth development and attainment of the MDGs.  He believes more can be done for the youth by means of appropriate policies, strategies and financing.

According to Njie, Gambia is well on track to achieving their MDGs, but some countries might not achieve their goals.

According to the former Director General of the National Planning Commission in The Gambia, a recent review of the MDGs showed countries are at different rankings and he called on developing nations to prioritise their spending by utilising their merger resources, after which they can solicit funds from the developed countries.

Njie said that although The Gambia was doing really well, the country needs to stay focussed to achieve all eight MDG goals by 2015.  Sectors such as fisheries and agriculture need more commitment to steer the country towards achievingthe MDGs.


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